What we are cooking in our lab..

Text Generation WebUI

Remove Image Background using AI

Cloudflare R2 for Static storage

Converting wordpress blog to markdown for Astro

ObjectGraph Website Redesign

Ollama Open AI API

GROMACS Installation

Compile and Run Swift on Command Line

3 Great Gift Exchange Apps

Elf Worthy Decorating with Scrooge Style Effort Using Christmas Photo Free

Javascript and Ajax Tutorial

Web Service Testing with Postman Tutorial

How to Conduct a Witch Hunt with the Halloween Photo Free App

PHP and MySQL Tutorial Series (Part 2)

CommunicAide Version 3.0 Update

PHP and MySQL Tutorial Series (Part 1)

8 Family Friendly Easter Apps

April Fools 2014: Jokes You May Have Missed

Geo Bugger - Bug, Wiretap, and Snoop Announced

The Oculus Rift: My Virtual Reality Experience

7 Strange Things People Green-ify to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

How to Take an Adorable Selfie with or without Your Valentine

5 New Years Apps for iOS

Geo Measure for Mac Selected as Best New App

5 Great Christmas Apps for iOS

5 Great Christmas Apps for Android

Geo Measure - Map Area / Distance Measurement for Mac Released

3 Useful iOS Apps for Cyclists

Halloween Party Apps for iOS

Life Made Easier with Mavericks

Geo Tracker : Now Available in Japanese

Geo Tracker : GPS Tracking App for iOS Released

VirtualBox and Android - Using Ready-to-go-image for development

Android Camera Real Tutorial

Merry Christmas!

Compiling Objective C on Command Line with Foundation Framework and ARC

CommunicAide: AAC / Speech Therapy iPad App

Was my iPhone Device ID leaked?

How about "Real" rotary dialer for a labor day gift?

Was my LinkedIn password compromised?

Was my twitter account compromised?

Geo Elevation for Android Released

Geo Measure for Android Released

Geo Elevation App for iPhone and iPad

Android Development: JavaScript Bridge Example - Fully Explained!

Rectangles Puzzle App For Android Released

[Review] WiPry - Mesure WiFi Signals (iPhone Accessory)

[Review] Printer Server for iPad / iPhone - Lantronix

Geo Measure Now Available In Japanese

Android Development: How to use sqlite in Android

Happy Chinese New Year. iPhone Feng Shui Updated for Year of the Dragon - 2012!

MoPic is our new app that creates GIF animations

How to create a compass in iPhone

Android Development: Passing Data Between Activities

Android Development: Using SoundPool instead of MediaPlayer

Core Image Framework in IOS 5.0

My adventures with the Sparrow framework

ASP.NET Page Methods and jQuery

IntelliJ brings back my interest in Android

Integrating ShareKit + ASIHTTPRequest for TwitPic

Frosty Camera iPhone App for this Winter Season

Geoweb summit 2011

Scary Camera - Our new iPhone App Released!

New Version of iRetroPhone Available - The Original And Favorite Rotary Dialer

Geo Measure - App To Measure Areas And Distances For iPhone/iPad

OS X Lion Review - 3 things I love / hate

iSeismometer "On The Fly" Released. Try this without Downloading An App.

iSeismometer appeared on BBC

ObjectGraph Contributes to JMSA Japan Relief Fund

How to Use Gummy Bear to Build Anti-Gravity Quarters Stack

Japanese Earthquake Relief Funds

東北地方太平洋沖地震関係のリンクなど Japanese Quake Person Finder

Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui App for iPhone

Happy New Year 2011 from Prague!

Did Microsoft Learn from Apple? - Fortunatus and I Am Rich

Halloween Apps in iTunes Ranking

The Coolest Usage of iSeismometer

Seismometer App on Windows Phone

Development Using High Resolution Images For Retina Display

iAge in Ranking

iAge is available for free now!

New iRetroPhone Sneak Peek

iPad 10 pack unboxing

iSeismometer Data Explained

Cat Piano HD - #2 in Japan / 猫ピアノHDが2位になりました

Finally a good telugu unicode font for iPhone

iPad SDK 3.2 Document Support

Fart Piano HD Released for iPad

Medical Apps #1 in Japan - 添付文書などiPadアプリが1位になりました

Speechie App makes your iPhone Talk and its Free

Encrypting / Decrypting / Base64 Encode / Decode in iPhone Objective-C

Demo at Apple Store in Tokyo, Ginza 2

Demo at Apple Store in Tokyo, Ginza

How to add CoverFlow Effect on your iPhone App - OpenFlow

How to use sqlite with UITableView in iPhone SDK

Download an Image and Save it as PNG or JPEG in iPhone SDK

Happy Easter Day! Easter Egg Photo App Released

iPad Experience with HD Apps from ObjectGraph

Estimating the economic damages from April 1st activities in mobile markets and Computational Economics Theory

How to Create a Twitter Client on Windows Phone 7

NSMutableDictionary Example - iPhone App Development Basics in Objective-C

Magnifier Free is #4 Overall in Japan App Store - 拡大鏡ズームが日本のiTunesで4位になりました

[iPhone App] St. Patricks Day Photo Free Released

Afro Photo - iPhone App Updated!

How to use SBJSON and TouchJSON

[iPhone Development] How to Parse HTML

How to add a badge on your iPhone App

Valentine Photo Free is featured in Japanese App Store

iSeismometer Published In A Technology Book

Use NSDateFormatter To Create A Countdown App On iPhone

Medical App from Objectgraph - 添付文書 Lite

Getting Ready for iPad Apps

[iPhone Apps] 2 FREE Valentine Apps from ObjectGraph

4+ Our iPhone Apps are selected for the Apple Stores Christmas Tree

[iPhone アプリ] クリスマス・サウンドがiTunesで1位になりました。- Christmas Sounds App is #1 in iTunes!

[iPhone app アプリ] 奇妙な写真メーカー - Bizarre Comic Photo Free

7 Free Christmas Apps from ObjectGraph

Examples of UFO Sightings

Yum Christmas Countdown

UFO Sightings for iPhone App

Cat Piano is available for FREE now

[iPhone App] Both Spooky Photo Free and Halloween Photo Free are in ranking now!

Mailbox Find has been selected as one of Apples Staff Favorite!

5 Halloween Apps from ObjectGraph

Fun With A to Z : iPhone App for your kid

Top Developers On iTunes App Store By Quantity

[iPhone App] iMustache

iSeismometer Update Report - Do iPhones dream of Fouriers Cat?

[iPhone App] iAfro

[iPhone App] JogTip - The Most Elegant Tip Calculator

Fart Piano Free! [iPhone App]

Mailbox Find iPhone Application Released

iPhone Developer Training Meetup

iPhone SDK 3.0 - Playing with Game Kit - Part 1

iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and Blackberry development

Twitter + iPhone = MyTweet

Japanese Summer Sounds - #3 in Music Paid Apps (#2 now!)

Dictionary iPhone Application (1913 Version)

Japanese Summer - iPhone Application

Geek Hero Comic iPhone Application

iPhone Developer Training in NY City

[iPhone App] FocusQ Lite Released!

App Store Download Hit 1 Billion!

FocusQ iPhone App Released!

[iPhone Apps] Cat Piano Released

iSeismometer Lat Long Maps

Earthquake in Italy pushes iSeismometer to #3 in App store

[iPhone Apps] ObjectGraph officially enters the iPhone FART industry today

Apple asks developers to start testing Push Notification Service

iPhone SDK 3.0 - Playing with Map Kit - Part 3

iPhone Price Drop News - i[App]Phone

i[App]Phone shows true iTunes store: App Store statatistics

iPhone SDK 3.0 - Playing with Map Kit - Part 2

iPhone SDK 3.0 - Playing with Map Kit

[Python] Quick Watermark Example with PIL

[Python] Install PIL on Mac OSX

i[App]Phone introduces tag system

iTunes Sucks For iPhone Apps

appbuck.com - Check the forum before you waste a buck!

Own blog or youtube channel? Get iSameGame Pro version for Free

[iPhone App] iSameGame Lite Released!

iSeismometer [iPhone App] - Thank you for your feedback

Now track all the apps on the AppStore using iAppPhone.com

iSameGame 3.0 updated!

[How to use iSeismometer] Part2 - Play with Spectrum

[How to use iSeismometer] Part1 - How the server side program works

iSeismometer Released [iPhone App] - Free!

[iRetroPhone] Auto Dialer update for our famous Rotary Dialer App!

YumMaracas! - iPhone App

iSnowGlobe with Christmas Sound Effects

iPickupLines - Get a pickup line before hitting a bar

HandClock - A work of Art!

英和+単語 - iPhone English Japanese Dictionary Released

Christmas iPhone App - Christmas Memory Game!

iHalloween is available for FREE now!

Yum Balloon - Addictive iphone game

What's next Sudoku? The answer is "iRectangles"!

iRetroPhone meets a Paper Slip Now!

iHalloween - YouTube Demo Released

iHalloween - Spooky Sound Collection in Your iPhone!

Yum Phone - Retro Rotary Dialer with Yummy!

ObjectGraph + Studio Yumi + iPhone = Yum Memory Released!

iSameGame released

iRetroPhone ver 1.1 Movie

iRetroPhone Version 1.1 released

Amazing App, Shazam

NY Times Bits Blog covers iRetroPhone

iRetroPhone T-Shirt on iPhone 3G Line!

iRetroPhone is available now!

iRetroPhone.com is open!

iRetroPhone has been digged!

iRetroPhone ready for Sale

Apple WWDC08 Report Day4

Apple WWDC08 Report Day3

Apple WWDC08 Report Day1

Apple WWDC08 Report Day2

Apple WWDC08 Report

Check out our Retro Phone Application for iPhone [iRetroPhone App]

Accessing Lon/Lat/Alt

iPhone Application Movie - Shake Me 3 times!

OpenFlashCards.com Tutorial Movie Released

Compiling Objective-C using only Command Line

iPhone OS expires

Embedding Flash Cards

ObjectGraph Approved for Apple Developer Program - Take 2

ObjectGraph Approved for Apple Developer Program

OpenFlashCards.com Launched

PageChat Update: Smaller Player

Arthur C. Clarke passes away

sprintf with NSString

iPhone Development and a sample Objective C Program

Announcing PageChat.com

ORielly Maker: Make fun ORielly Book Covers

Zen of Python

iPhone Cake 2.0

django vs rails - Funny

PyScraper: The Python Screen Scraper

ObjectGraph AJAX Dictionary AIR version

iPhone Dictionary

onkeyup and iPhone


iPhone Bug?

Looks like iPhone crash reports!

Japanese Pages

Creating ISO on Mac OSX

DIY: Building your own live camera with Macmini

Guide to use screencasting to save time of programmers for free

CSS Cross Browser Initialization

Seven Habits For Effective Text Editing

New Dictionary Launched

ObjectGraph.com running in a virtual server

Moving Physical Machines to Virtual Machines

New Site Design coming soon to ObjectGraph.com

FireFox bug report filed

bug in FireFox?

PIL on captcha - Transparency and Masking for CAPTCHA

Practical AJAX Solution @ Travel Industry

Prof. Devis Game Engine

Line numbers and other cool stuff Added to Pygments.com

Pygments.com Launched

Pygments Test Program


Recompilining Apache with mod python

Installing mod_python on Apache

Installing Python 2.4.4 on Cent OS 4.4 (Final)

AJAXified Contact Page

Happy New Year!

TurboGears vs. Django

JSON - Serialized Language and Cross-Domain Scripting

Beautiful Soup

Python Tutorial

Google's Start Page

Cool Commenting System

Google Apps for Your Domain and LDAP

PWDHash- An amazingly simple but brilliant idea

Python 3000

Developing Image Authentication Control

Google BookMark Page

Cant Access Google Hosted Email accounts for ObjectGraph (FIXED as of 1:17 PM EST)

CSS Book

CSS Tutorial

ObjectGraph in 5th Ave

Internet outage at ObjectGraph

NextStep Release 3 Demo

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

SIGGRAPH 2006 Boston Report Day 1 Exhibition

SIGGRAPH 2006 Boston Report Day 2 Electric Theater

SIGGRAPH 2006 Boston Report Day 3 Art Gallery and Conference

Thinkpad Ball

Using NDoc with .NET 2.0

GMail Invitations

Making Money using Google

PHP Function Reference

English to Japanese Dictionary

ASP.NET Date Picker

Google Adsense added to Dictionary

More GMail Invitations

WordNet 2.0 almost ready

Thesaurus Added

Dictionary listed on Yahoo Directory

Ternary Search Trees

Elements Dictionary


Trie Algorithm for dictionary searching

Objectgraph listed as a mirror on FOLDOC


Some other funny words from 1913

Google suggest like dictionary created