5 New Year’s Apps for iOS

New Year’s Countdown

Count down the days until January 1st. Complete with fireworks animations! Download New Year’s Countdown here.



Geo Tracker: GPS Tracking

If your New Year’s resolution involves exercising more, Geo Tracker can help track your progress. Record and save your visual path, distance, and speed while walking, biking, or driving. For extra motivation, share your trip in real time with other people and devices with a free geosq.com account. Download Geo Tracker here.

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Memrise - Learn Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, or any other language for free

If your New Year’s resolution is academic, Memrise can help you learn languages, geography, history, science and more. Memorize facts and terms quickly with creative mnemonic devices and integrated quiz questions. Download Memrise here.



Resolutions 2014 - Track Your New Year’s Resolutions

Keep track of your new year’s resolutions. Add tasks, set reminders, track progress, and evaluate yourself. Stay on top of your resolutions this year with this useful tool. Download Resolutions 2014 here.



New Years Eve Image Booth - Capture the excitement and add great images, stamps, frames and more

Add festive stamps and frames to your photos. Great for any New Year’s Eve party! Download New Years Eve Image Booth here.


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