Halloween Party Apps for iOS

Whether you’re hosting your own or attending a friend’s Halloween party, be sure to check out these great Halloween apps to make it an extra scary and memorable night.

Halloween Sound Shelf

Give the party a spooky atmosphere by playing scary background music directly from your iPhone or iPad. Press the Halloween themed icons to scare guests with periodic sounds of cats crying, demons laughing, and more. Two Additional Spooky Sounds by Matt Cooper recently added (Haunted 2 and Spooky 2) . Download Halloween Sound Shelf here for iPhone or here for iPad.

IMG_0022 Scary Camera Free

Take photos with effects that leave guests looking eerily unrecognizable. Make blood drip from the frame or snap a photo as a ghost floats by on the screen. Then share the photos for a good scare! Download Scary Camera Free here.

IMG_0002   IMG_0005 ** Costume Memory Book](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/scrappad-halloween-costume/id470419745?mt=8)**

Organize photos taken throughout the night in a virtual scrapbook. Halloween themed stickers can be added to personalize each page. You can even order a physical book once you’re done. Download ScrapPad here.

IMG_0021 Free True Ghost Stories from Around the World

There’s nothing like a good scary story to give everyone a good spook. Read the provided ghost stories or listen to the audio versions. Download Ghost Stories here.

IMG_0020 Ghost Detector Tool

If you really want to scare guests, try hunting for ghosts. See if the party is haunted by tracking supernatural activity. You may even hear the whisper of a ghost! Download Ghost Detector here.

IMG_0018 The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

Turn guests into zombies from The Walking Dead with the snap of a photo. You can mix and match eyes and mouths to see different Walker looks. Download Dead Yourself here.

IMG_0012 Who am I? Celebrity Zombie Quiz - Halloween Edition

See if guests can identify a celebrity who has been zombified in this challenging and frightening game. Download Celebrity Zombie Quiz here. IMG_0017

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