PHP and MySQL Tutorial Series (Part 1)


Includes the recommended software to download, the course structure, and the suggested level of experience for the tutorial.

PHP and MySQL 1 - Introduction from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.


Explains how to set up MAMP and how to start a PHP project.

PHP and MySQL 2 - Setup from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.

SQL Basics

Shows how to use phpMyAdmin in order to interact with MySQL database engine. Introduces the basic concepts of using databases, adding users with database privileges, creating tables, inserting data into tables, and using SQL statements to retrieve and update data.

PHP and MySQL 2.5 - SQL Basics from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.

First Script

Introduces the documentation for PHP. Sets up the first PHP script (using echo) and a mixture of HTML.

PHP and MySQL 3 - First Script from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.


Introduces variable declaration, initialization, and concatenation with proper PHP syntax using $ symbol and dot operator. Variables covered include integers, strings, floats, and booleans.

PHP and MySQL 4 - Variables from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.

Flow Control

Covers PHP if-statements and for-loops. Also features number incrementation and shorthand notation for appending strings.

PHP and MySQL 5 - Flow Control from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.


Introduces PHP arrays with declaration and initialization. Also shows how to output, alter, overwrite, and iterate through array items.

PHP and MySQL 6 - Array from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.


Introduces PHP dictionaries as arrays that use key-value pairs and shows how to iterate through the items using foreach-statements. Also introduces the process of creating, calling, and passing parameters to PHP functions.

PHP and MySQL 6.5 - Dictionary from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.


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