5 Great Christmas Apps for Android

Christmas Sounds Free This app is an easy to use soundboard packed with over 50 holiday sound effects and additional festive melodies. Make your parties more festive with atmosphere music. Play sound effects to liven up Christmas story time with the kids. Download Christmas Sounds here.

Screenshot_2013-12-03-16-20-11 Touchnote - Christmas Edition Design and send personalized Christmas greeting cards and post cards with this great app. Add personal photos and select from a wide variety of festive layouts. Then choose an address from your contacts and you can physically send your creation to a loved one. Download Touchnote here.

Screenshot_2013-12-02-14-02-50 Santa Tracker Free Discover Santa’s current location with this simple yet cute app. It even tells you what Santa is doing on his journeys. Even before Christmas Eve, watch as Santa gets supplies from different countries. Download Santa Tracker here.

Screenshot_2013-12-03-15-18-37 Christmas Gift List Organizes your gift list so you can see your shopping progress and so you don’t forget to buy gifts for anyone with this handy app. Add prices and notes for each gift for each person on your list. As you check off gifts you’ve purchased, a progress bar shows how much shopping you have left to do according to your budget for each person and how many days you have left to do it. Download Christmas Gift List here.

Screenshot_2013-12-03-15-41-01 Screenshot_2013-12-03-15-40-58 Slice - Easy Package Tracker Organize your Christmas purchase by tracking shipments, price drops, and product recalls simply by linking this app to your email. Track packages with push notifications or view delivery progress directly on a map. Save money with price alerts that help get cash back if the price of one of your purchases drops. Get alerts when there is a product recall. Download Slice here.

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