FocusQ iPhone App Released!

We recently released a simple, but addictive game called FocusQ. We at objectgraph decided to concentrate more on UI and this is our first effort at making the UI more inuitive.

The objective of the Game is to simply remove the numbers on the board in order. Check out this video of Level 1

FocusQ from Gavi Narra on Vimeo.

As the levels increase the difficulty also increases. Difficulty increased based on lesser amount of time or the numbers itself are changed.

For example you could get numbers like 352,431,121,15,6 etc.. So you need to determine which ones are the lowest first and remove them in limited time

Here are some sceenshots

Also you will have to finish all the levels to upload your scores and compete globally. Our server algorithm is based on individual times for each level. So its not just enought to finish the levels, but do it in as less time as possible.

For even increased Focus, we have color mix mode. So you cant use color as a guide to identify the groups. Overall we hope this will be a challenging and fun game.

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