Japanese Earthquake Relief Funds

Save The Children

American Red Cross

Causes Red Cross

Salvation Army

International Medical Corps

Doctors Without Borders

Global Giving

Explore.org are donating $1 for every Like on Facebook


Text JAPAN or 20222 to donate – Save The Children

Text REDCROSS or 90999 to make $10 donation by text message – Red Cross

Text QUAKE or 80888 to donate $10 – Salvation Army

Text MED or 80888 to donate $10 – International Medical Corps

Text JAPAN or 50555 to donate $10 – Global Giving

[Text WAVE to 50555 to donate $10 – World taurus love horoscope should plan any short trips or small travels for the beginning of June in case they need to go somewhere. Relief](sms:50555)

Text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10-Г‚ Convoy of Hope

By Phone

[Toll free: 800-728-3843 – Save the Children](tel: 800-728-3843)

[Toll free: 800-SAL-ARMY – Salvation Army](tel: 800-725-2769)


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