Geek Hero Comic iPhone Application

I am pleased to announce an another collaboration project between ObjectGraph and Salvatore Iovene, We released a comic strip application called Geek Hero Comic.

Here are some screenshots

Currently we have 2 episodes available FREE on the iTunes App Store

Volume 1 Episodes:

[Episods] -Nightmare XP -Career change -Night out -After the night out -Hi Randie -Looking for the mysterious girl -Looking for the mysterious girl 2 -Revenge -CEO 1 -CEO 2 -Company policies -Surprise -Revelation -Bizarre behaviours -Lifezilla -Tie -Tie inspection -Nightmare VB -Real world -New friends -The truth

Volume 2:

-Shock -Takeover -Accusation -Challenge -git-clone -int main(void) -Microsoft Word -Editor Wars -Bob The Manager -Geeky Humor -Typing -Start Menu -Not Humans -Word In Wine -Unfair -IRC For Windows -Managers And IRC -Firefox For The Win -Technology -Start -Hard Heroin -Steve Ballmer Visiting -Reality

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