Life Made Easier with Mavericks

Stay Organized With Mavericks, you can keep your Mac more organized than ever before. Use tags to categorize files by color, keywords, or purpose. Tagged files are easier to find because you can filter by tags while searching your Mac. Clutter is also minimized with the availability of tabs within the Finder window.

Screenshot 2013-10-28 13.30.37 Be Punctual Mavericks can help you arrive on time to all of your meetings and events. Add event information, such as date, location and method of transportation, to Calendar and you can receive an alert when you should leave for your destination. Get directions with real time traffic updates using Maps. You can even send the directions directly to your iPhone for navigation.

Screenshot 2013-10-28 12.27.14 Manage Personal Information Mavericks allows you to save personal information across approved devices using iCloud Keychain. Save your passwords and credit card information for logins and purchases on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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