Practical AJAX Solution @ Travel Industry

This is a simple case study that I implemented for my client with Ajax Technique.

Problem: A travel company dispatchers need to look at their tour guideā€™s schedule in one shot. Data is grouped by their job information; however, dispatchers need to look at them grouping by flight number too. Because if the arrival schedules are close enough, they want to merge two jobs in case of extra capacity in other car.

Solution: At the 1st level, it groups by the job. In the second level, user paints some colors on each job to identify similar flight schedules across all different categories: Arrivals, Departures, and Optional Tours.

Implementation: I added paint can icon can.jpg, and popup color picker to fill the panel.


Result: user can look at similar flights as below:


In my opinion, in this kind of business application, AJAX works in pinpoint for a specific purpose. If we make it work just like Gmail, using AJAX all over the places, the development cost will increase a lot.

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