Remove Image Background using AI

I created a remove background space on huggingface that seems popular. I am surprised there is an entire industry around removing backgrounds. My project uses DIS model to remove background and works very well for individual images or batch

How to use

Just follow the link and upload your image on the left and click on process

Single image remove bg screenshot

You will see the image background removed and you can download the background removed image on the right

Batch Processing

In a discussion on reddit, many users requested I create a batch version of this, I guess for products to be posted on e-commerce sites.

In batch mode, select multiple images as shown here

batch remove bg screenshot 3

Then click on Batch Process. It will take some time - You can see the individual images in the gallery or click on the zip file to download.

zip file image

The zip file contents include the orignal file name with a _nobg at the end.

screen shot 5

Full source code is available on huggingface, its not a typical huggingface space where a user just creates an iframe pointing to their own servers, this is running on huggingface servers and the UI is in gradio

By: Gavi Narra on: