Prof. Devi’s Game Engine

Professor Devi released the first version of his 3D Game engine library, MSGA3D, which is based on Irrlicht library. According to our discussion, he introduced to use “ID” to control all objects, such as Node, Mesh, Sound, and even call back functions. This coding style dramatically improves student’s learning curve. In terms of the functionality, his improvement is more drastic such as Timeline and Event Model Change, Sound, etc…

This is a demo to download (2.86MB)

This is a sample project file in VC++6.0 (5.26MB)


Amount of code is minimal, and easy to control like this:

int main(void) {
        MSGAEngine3D engine(800,600,16); // Screen Size

        engine.NodeLoadCameraFPS(100); // camera ID=100

        // Load Rotating Cube
        engine.TextureLoad(300,"sample.jpg"); // create texture ID=300  
        engine.NodeLoadCube(200,200); // cube ID=200
        engine.NodeSetTexture(200,300); // texture to the cube
        engine.NodeAddPosition(200,950,600,600); // move cube
        engine.AnimatorRotation(200,30,1,31); // rotate cube

        return 0;

That’s it! this program just load cube with the texture. The original library download page should be ready soon on his Website ( In demo example, I included a simple FPS-look demo, texture, level, sound, and timer event within 40 lines of code (with bunch of comments and spaces).

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