Apple WWDC08 Report Day3

Here is another religious meeting, day 3, just started. Before starting this report, I would like to mention about my extra expense for my butt

brookstone nap form

which cost me around $40 and Father’s day discount campaign did not really help my budget plan at Brookstone. I spend 30 minutes to try massage chair.

Today, there is one interesting session from Pixer around noon. This might be something about developing software in the company. I’m kind a tired of just taking follow-up notes of each lecture and taking picture in dark conference over people’s heads, I’ll try to drop by lab session s which should be one-by-one.

Attended Session:

Today’s Food and some other pictures: img_0168.JPG img_0169.JPG img_0857.jpg img_6633.JPG img_6635.JPG

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