Japanese Summer - iPhone Application

Our new hit application is a music mixing app for the iPhone platform. You could basically choose a background music and combine it with other interesting sounds. The cool thing is you could even choose the volume of these individual sounds and the frequency.

Lets say you want a river flowing in the background and want occasional sounds of crickets, you could do that very easily with our app.

We currently made some of our own mixes

[Mix] -In A Valley -At Beach -Water Garden -A Hot Day -At Harbor -Festival Night -Watching Fireworks -Bell Cricket’s Melody -Cool AC Room

Here are some of the different mixes you could create by combining background music and sound effects.

[Background Music] -Stream -Beach -Ocean -Raining -AC -Festival -River

[Sound Effects] -Fireworks -Bell-ring Cricket -Wind Bell -Seagulls -Cicada -Frog -Boat Whistle


Japanese Localization

English Localization

You could download it from the app store

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