iSeismometer Published In A Technology Book

Today a friend of mine discovered a book while browsing the local Barnes and Noble, which contained a review of our app iSeismometer.

The book is called “Independent Guide To The iPhone 3Gs” by Nik Rawlinson

Screen shot 2010-02-18 at 11.02.23 AM

Link to Amazon: Here is a screenshot of the actual page from my Friend


Here is the review text from what i could read from the image above:

“This is a novelty app but one that also helps you learn something new. The concept is simple. You just leave tour iPhone on hard surface with the app fired up then tap somewhere nearby and watch what happens.

It looks like something you’d find in a hospital, but it’s one of those things that is very captivating once you’ve looked at it once. In fact, we completely lost track of time when we played with this app as we tried out different tap-based compositions - MTV had nothing on us during this review.

You’ve got the ability to pause the ‘recording’ of movement around the iPhone, in addition to looking at colorful spectrum graph of what occurred in the three seconds prior to requesting that data.

We didn’t quite understand what the chart was showing us. But it looked pretty nonetheless and it’ll make you look über intelligent to anyone looking over your shoulder .

The app will monitor movement for 10 seconds and report back on the last three seconds of activity. You can then upload that data in snazzy graph format to the web for all to see. Old friends will probably think you’ve changed career.”

Obviously the reviewer did not understand the purpose of the app, but its fine :-) You can download iSeismometer for Free on App Store.

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