How to Take an Adorable Selfie with or without Your Valentine

  1. Download the Valentine Photo Free App This valentine photo app has a new and improved design, including a sleek layout and eye-catching icon. It can turn any selfie into the perfect Valentine so make sure to download it here. valentinePhotoLaunch_retina23. Grab your Valentine… or Don’t! Snuggle up next to your clueless boyfriend, overly-attached girlfriend, lazy husband, nagging wife, favorite furry friend, or anyone else you love unconditionally. Or don’t grab anyone and stay true to the definition of a “selfie” by making this Valentine all about you! 149339_10151908239046139_493273904_n5. Hold the Phone High and Snap Away Make your selfie romantic, silly, or sultry. It’s up to you. Just make sure you get everyone’s good sides and don’t cut off any heads! iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 10, 2014, 11.31.08 PM7. Add Some Bling Use the Valentine Photo Free App to add stickers and frames in the form of hearts, flowers, and other cheesy Valentine’s themed treats. You can take the selfie directly in the app or import it from your library. IMG_00669. Share, Share, Share! Whether your selfie makes people puke because of how utterly adorable you and your significant other look together or shows off just how awesome it is to be single, make sure everyone can see it by sharing it on every social media site known to man.

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