Apple WWDC08 Report Day4

This is almost last day since I’m leaving tomorrow noon. We have more advanced sessions today, such as Mastering Interface Builder session which should be continued from introduction one. I scheduled my Lab session afternoon around 4:30 pm and this should wrap up our project deployment.

Interesting thing is, I saw a couple of underground iPhone advertise company’s activities. There are a couple of people distributing flayer around entrance and I saw a pile of flayers in bathroom.

Another interesting thing is, I found a Japanese staff working at lab to support Japanese visitors. He told me there are more than 300 Japanese visitors. It seems that Japanese and Chinese people had their own reception on the first day. Shoooot, I was not invited!

The lab session was just talking about what’s available in iTunes Connections web login screen. One thing, I though that I can setup my own price, but actually I can not. Apple setup tier for pricing. That’s bad news for us. After this session, I have clear idea of distributing our app.

WWDC08 Bash will start in half hour, it’s beer time!

Attended Sessions:

WWDC08 Bash img_6705.JPG img_6706.JPG

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