Fun With A to Z : iPhone App for your kid

Finally there is something for your toddler on the App Store. Objectgraph has come out with a App that keeps your child engaged while they are learning. This is a good tool for toddlers to learn Alphabets and then test their knowledge.

Aimed at kids of Pre-K age groups, FunWithA2Z offers your kids a environment to learn alphabets with some fun. FunWithA2Z provides flashcards with audio for all the alphabets. Scroll forward and backward with a flick or touch of finger and listen to the alphabet and what the picture stands for.

Once your kid has learned their alphabets, they can test their knowledge with the Play Mode. Just drag and drop alphabets on matching images that are displayed, keep a log of time taken, use hints to improve, change difficulty level and have a fun interactive learning!!


* Levels: The game has Easy and Hard level. * Animations: There are cool animations to give multiple hints if your kid gets stuck. * Easy Interface: Specially designed for kids, attractive and chalk-board looks.

Audio Enabled Flashcards to learn Alphabets and what they stand for. Play the fun game and take a test to know how much you know

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