8 Family Friendly Easter Apps

  1. Easter Photo Free Add Easter themed stickers to your family photos. Stickers include a cute bunny, colorful eggs in many different patterns, beautiful flowers, and more! This app has a new design and features updated, high quality images. Download Easter Photo Free here to make your Easter photos even more festive this year.

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  1. Easter Egg Hunt and more - Free! Find Easter eggs by solving riddles. Each riddle refers to an object in a scene which moves to reveal a hidden egg when tapped. Download Easter Egg Hunt here.


  1. The Big Egg Hunt NYC If you’re in New York City between now and April 25th, you can participate in a geolocation based Easter egg hunt. Collect eggs throughout the city using an interactive map and clues to reach the top of the leaderboard. Check out the Big Egg Hunt NYC website here to find out more and download the app.

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  1. Egg A Sketch Design your very own Easter egg with various colors to choose from. Draw stripes, zigzags, dots, and more patterns to turn a simple white egg into a beautiful masterpiece. Download Egg A Sketch here.


  1. Bunnyfur’s Easter Eggs Read or listen to an interactive Easter story with a game to play on each page. Have fun tapping eggs to color them, dragging eggs into a basket, and more. Download Bunnyfur’s Easter Eggs here.

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  1. Easter Bunny Dress Up and Card Maker - Decorate Funny Bunnies and Eggs Dress up the Easter Bunny with different outfits and accessories. Add hats, shirts, pets, and more to personalize your own bunny. You can also create cards featuring different bunnies and designs in the same app. Download Easter Bunny Dress Up and Card Maker here.


  1. Easter Bunny Tracker Fun Very similar to the Santa tracker app, this app allows you to track the Easter Bunny traveling around the world to hide eggs. Download Easter Bunny Tracker Fun here.


  1. Hidden Egg Hunt Find hidden eggs as you pan across the screen and drag them into your basket before time is up. Find the X-ray power up to uncover eggs and the timer power up to add more time to your search. Download Hidden Egg Hunt here.


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