Did Microsoft Learn from Apple? - Fortunatus and I Am Rich

I guess the answer is NO. Probably they don’t need a lesson from Apple; however, in this evening, this app brought me back to summer of 2008. Check this out.


Here is a famous scam app so called “I Am Rich”. This app charge the maximum amount of the price if you click and you can prove that you are rich. In addition, the app is famous enough to have an entry in Wikipedia which surprises me. I hope Microsoft know this famous app.

I was looking around web version of the Marketplace (http://marketplace.windowsphone.com/) but I could not find our apps. Where is it? After while, I found above app. Then, I went back to Zune and I found it.


One person is complaining because my Seismometer is categorized as game? I’m not sure this reviewer is correct, maybe he got confused? I have only test device so if anyone bought Windows Phone yesterday, please let us know. This software does not allow me to buy it without connecting the device and it requires me to “sign-in” on the device.

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