IntelliJ brings back my interest in Android

Eclipse sucks!

Sorry to all Eclipse lovers, I just hate developing in Eclipse. Coming from Visual Studio and XCode, I just felt that eclipse was not responsive enough for Android development. I started my research for a good alternative. I even contemplated building everything manually using TextMate. But I think I finally found some good Android development tool that does not suck. Its IntelliJ IDEA and I use their free community edition. IDEA can open your eclipse projects and works seamlessly with Android emulator.


Download IntelliJ IDEA community edition from and install it on your platform. The rest of the post is for Mac OSX Lion. But it should be similar for others platforms.

Setting Up:

First thing you would do is download the android SDK and install some where. I put mine @


Add the android path in your profile. Edit your .bash_profile

vi ~/.bash_profile

Add SDK tools paths

export PATH=$PATH:/Users/gavi/work/android-sdk-mac/platform-tools:/Users/gavi/work/android-sdk-mac/tools

Save the file and execute

source ~/.bash_profile

Then you can download the necessary SDKs you need(Android 2.3.3, ICS etc). Here is a screen shot. android_sdk_manager

Once your sdk is setup. Start up IntelliJ

The first thing you want to do is setup your Java SDK. On Mac, The path is similar to below


Then you can add Android SDKs. Here is a quick video I recorded which makes it simple.

Setting Up IntelliJ SDKs for Android from ObjectGraph LLC on Vimeo.

Thats it. Just have fun developing for Andorid!

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