[iPhone App] Both Spooky Photo Free and Halloween Photo Free are in ranking now!


Thank you for downloading our two free Halloween Photo Apps. Both are listed in the first page of the category ranking. Spooky Photo Free is currently #5 (It’s #1 in older version of App Store!).

In Japanese App store, it’s even better. #1 in the category ranking and #9 in the total ranking! Check this out!

I would like to introduce a couple of our tutorial movies here. Let’s create fun pictures!

[iPhone App] Halloween Photo Free - Need a Halloween Costumes? @ Yahoo! Video Need a Halloween Costumes?

[iPhone App] Halloween Photo Free - How to turn your girl friend to a serial killer! @ Yahoo! Video How to turn your girl friend to a serial killer

Very popular in other countries. Those screenshots are from Japanese App Store. Thank you for downloading our app!

This app has been covered by Japanese Gadget Blog!



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