OS X Lion Review - 3 things I love / hate

Mac OS X Lion (Version 10.7) is out , and according to Apple 1 Millions Lions are downloaded in the first day. There are plenty of reviews about pros and cons of the new OS.

Here are my quick review on 3 things I love / Hate about the Lion.

1. Air Drop

Finally easy to share files between macs. Even though not a replacement for your Dropbox, it is definitely a good start.

pros: easy to share, no set up or configuration, auto discovery

cons: no support to share over network yet, no group sharing


2. New Gestures


pros: easy to switch between applications, better experiences (except default scrolling is a bit hard to get used to)

cons: learning all gestures may be a bit hard to adjust for an average user

3.  Name on the menu bar


Yes, I”m complaining about my name on the menu bar.

pros: it is good if you forgot your own name.

cons: the same as above. But it is easy to fix; just hold down the command key and drag your name to the desktop. poof it is gone.

There you have it. Three things I love/ hate about the Lion on my first day.

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