New Version of iRetroPhone Available - The Original And Favorite Rotary Dialer

Kiichi started playing around with the iPhone SDK back in March of 2008 and we needed an idea for our very first native iPhone application. Our good friend Chris League mentioned in a conversation that one of his students said how the old rotary dialer phones were much more reliable than cell phones of today. The idea immediately clicked that we needed to build a Rotary dialer app for iPhone and it should be available on Day 1 of the App store Launch.

We achieved that. iRetroPhone was born and it was reviewed by NYTimes back in 2008. Since then we only made minor changes. We moved on to other apps such as iSameGame, iSeismometer, Geo Measure, Age Test etc, but our love for iRetroPhone was never diminished.

I am happy to report a new version of iRetroPhone with Retina graphics and the same simple user interface. Here are some screen shots with both the themes.

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